Kiffin Should Have Signed the Letter

Why the hell didn’t Lane Kiffin quit when he had the chance? Don’t get me wrong I love a coach who is willing to hang in there until the ship is righted, but he won’t live to see that day. If Lane Kiffin had signed the resignation letter written up for him by Al Davis he would have gotten another shot at head coach sometime soon. He is seen as an up and coming coach who did the best job possible with what he was given. Now he will be fired at the end of the year and probably never coach again.

Lane Kiffin has never had much to do with the defense. That is Rob Ryan’s job and one that most feel he does very well. He will also probably be the Head Coach of the Raiders in 2009. Kiffin lets him run the defense as he should. Kiffin is an O.C. and a very young one at that, he has never had to step onto the other side of the ball at the collegiate or professional level.

Greg Knapp is the new offensive coordinator and James Lofton was also brought in to coach wide receivers. Both of these guys are far more trusted by Old Man Al than the sophomore head coach. Lofton is a Hall of Fame caliber wide receiver who was brought in to help young receivers progress. Greg Knapp was hired for his success in Atlanta running the football. Atlanta led the league in rushing several times during his tenure. Alot of that was due to Mike Vick but not all of it, as Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett both flourished in his system. He will work with Running Backs and Offensive linemen primarily.

That leaves the QB. The only reason Kiffin is still in Oakland is because he, and even to some extent Davis, believe he can make a star out of JaMarcus Russell. Here’s the problem, even if that is true it won’t happen. JaMarcus will struggle from time to time this year as it is his first starting. He may even be really bad. What will happen then? Obviously, the hammer won’t come down on Rob Ryan, James Lofton, Greg Knapp or JaMarcus Russell. Unless the Raiders are a playoff team this year Lane Kiffin will be fired. Better start packing Lane-o. Maybe you can join your dad in Tampa and you and Chucky can tell Old Man Al stories.


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  1. It won’t ever change until Al Davis dies…..go Steelers!

  2. fuck the steelers

  3. Guys… Bottom line is that this blog is open to comments and onversation. However foul language will not be tolerated. Please keep it clean.

  4. read the article, what is it based on? Interviews, inside info what? Question genie, how do you know russell will struggle? sounds like the typical tagline everyone else uses. Nothing you posted is based on any facts. We wont know what russell will be until game 8 midway thru. Was rothlesberger a “struggler” his first year. Come with something original, then back it up with fact or something of substance. Using the same old taglines that most media outlets use is rather…..

    Another question Genie, have you looked at the RB’s that the raiders have? Do you have any idea the condition of MBUSH? I reccomend you do some studying before posting your whimsical flights of conjecture. they are not appealing but in all honest are very funny and entertaining to say the least.

  5. I have been reading some of your post…..Ridiculous truly comedy genie


  7. Truly sad that a person who appears to have some intelligence, based on his coherent writing skills, would waist time on such an “un-winnable” argument. You can hate the Raiders all you want, bash the fans, pick apart the past five years, but one stat I haven’t see you post yet, which quite honestly is the most important, and even a donkey lover can’t deny, is the OVERALL record. Let me help you Mr. Stat Guru:
    Raiders vs. broncos all time record:
    52 wins 39 losses and 2 ties, with an overall winning percentage of .568. Which, if you can do math or is the air to thin in Dungver, means we OWN SOME DONKEYS ASS!! Write an article about that one!!

  8. Dungver……Priceless lol

  9. Oldman Raider Says:

    Great Idea Thec,
    This post should be flooded by The Raider Nation shortly.
    These Raider Hater posts are never factual. Just alot of bad blood for the Nation.
    Kinda like this weekend on the NFL replay Raiders/ Donky’s ’04.

    You remember Curry’s one-handed catch in the back of the endzone? I’ll bet you have a permanent snapshot of that catch ingrained forever. Get used to it Donkos


  10. Hmm, ok, I admit it, Raiders OWN us.

  11. raiderhater Says:

    I write an article about the current state of the Raiders and what recourse does a raider fan have but to talk about the past. Personally, I don’t think their overall record is the only one that matters. I don’t actually think it matters at all. If you read all my posts I have never neglected to mention the raiders past successes, in fact i hand out praise when due. The fact that you have to fall back on forty years of history is the truest statement i could have made about the current state of the franchise. Of course, you’d have to go back at least 31 years because we have a better record in the last 30. I would however have given you credit for an intelligently written post, until you resorted to dungver. Notice on no post you don’t see me resort to such juvenile humor. Could we have a smart rapport?

    What the hell is genie? As far as what is the post based on, it is my opinion. It is also my blog. Do the math genius. I saw Russell play in college…I saw him play Denver last year and have no doubts he will struggle. He does not have the team Big Ben had or the talent of Dan Marino. Do I think he will fail completely, probably but maybe not. That wasn’t the point of the post was it? It was that IF and probably WHEN he does, Kiffin will suffer. Yeah, I know their backs. Bush=0 nfl rushes, McFadden=0 Nfl Rushes, Fargas=1 year wonder, Jordan=another overpaid raider. If you’re that confident in these guys it explains why you’re a raider fan.

    Yep you beat us in 2004. We made the playoffs that year, you guys didn’t. Raiders own the Broncos? In the last 13 years the raiders have won 6 of the meetings. The Broncos have won 20.

  12. Hey genie, First off its not just the back its the system. You say Fargas is a “one year wonder”. justin Fargas played 1 year in the new ZBS…….
    Put BUSH, and DMAC in the same ZBS in its second year as a cohesive unit.

    Your argument about bush 0 carries and DMAC 0 carries holds 0 weight with me. DMAC will have more total yards than all you backs combined. MBUSH is cream…… So yes I am a raider fan and so confident in my team we can wager CASH on that lets say 5 grand we smash you guys opening day!!!

    Fact not opinion: We have a better backfield than you you do.

    Still a nice post rich with a lot of humor, and entertaining, you should take this ringley brothers act on the road bouand to get laughed at.

    good work genie

  13. Raider hater u were probably beaten by your dad when u were little wren”t you.

  14. I am not a bronco fan my teams is the ravens. But thec what the hell do u mean when u call raiderhater genie is that supposed to be an insult if it is it sucks. And oldmanraider thats pretty pathetic that u bring up a regular season 4 years ago i don’t think raiderhater is gone to have that curry catch ingrained in his head forever because it was jus a regular season game and they playoffs and u guys didn’t. Bottomline is look at the stats the raiders the last five years 19 and 61so raider nation don’t talk until the raiders can back it up for u.

  15. “ThugLife” that S#!TTY a$$ name suks. What the f@Ck are u a Wanna be a$$ Tupac!!!!!!!! Thats some wack a$$ s#!t son. Thug posting on a donkey site who is a ravens fan hahahahaha funny….. You a banga from where? Thuglife hahahaha funny too funny.

    If you about being a thug you have 0 brains. Thugs wind up in jail as someones bitch cause you didnt do any push ups sit ups or lift weights while you were free…… Or you wind up dead cause you got smoked for whatever reason……

    Go back to your play station and leave the football talk to grown folks “thuglife” = ingnorant a$$ not about ca$h

    Leave it son

  16. Thec, You earn less respect with each post. For all readers of the Raider Hater blog, swearing even if “cleverly” censored will not be tolerated. We are intended to be a site for Raider Fans and haters alike of all ages.
    You are going to argue that the raider “system” for running the ball is the reason they’ll be better than Denver? How many 1,000 yard backs have you had in the last fifteen years? I’ll give you until tomorrow and then I’ll be happy to tell you. How many teams in the league have tried to copy the Denver one-cut system? Including Greg Knapp when he was in Atlanta. He is now the OC in Oakland. That means your “system” equals our system with much less experience. Furthermore, I’ll bet that a guy willing to wager 5,000 dollars on a football game with an insignificant blogger probably doesn’t have 5,000 dollars. McFadden, M. Bush and Fargas vs. Selvin Young, Torain and Pittman. I like our chances.

  17. First off Thec don’t call me son u ain’t my dad. And i rather be a ravens than a faiders fans i don’t hate the raiders its just some of u people are stupid and annoying. The worst thing about some of u raiders fans that u are delusional.
    Seriously what happen last year that made u think had better shot than the broncos at making the playoffs. U think u can run the ball better than the broncos well here is a nice little stat the raiders have never led the league in rushing. I don’t try be a thug i just liked 2pac and other thing when the ravens play the raiders in week 8 we are gone kick your asses.

  18. Hater,

    I enjoy posting on this blog… Really for the comedy effect, so I wont be so profane or us it my bad ……

    How many thousand yard backs we have had is irrelevant, we run a ZBS now that same ZBS had us 6th in the league after the FIRST year, 3 spots ahead of the donkeys who “invented” the system….

    How many thousand yard backs on your team this year….?

    Thanks for making my point on ATL, when knapp was there in 04 his team led the league in rushing…

    Now lets throw some numbers at this and see if this sticks in your brain:

    In the 2 games we played last year we out ran you guys:
    Raiders 375 yards rushing
    donkeys 267 yards rushing

    It gets better than that you guys “HAD” a running back on your team named travis henry…… He accounted for 177 of those 267 yards.

    1st game last year you guys gained 181 yards rushing and beat us by a field goal…… henry accounted for 140 of those yards on the ground

    2nd game when we smashed you guys you guys had 86 rushing yards.
    henry rushed for a meager 49 yards.

    As far as the money put up or shut up…. You never no who is behind the keyboard on blogs, you talk a good game want to see how much you believe in the donkeys.

    your guys running attack wont be the top 10 or so……


    My bad for coming at you like that in the last post uncalled for on my part…

    Never said we led the league in rushing.
    This is our second year in the ZBS we were 6th in the league in rushing last year…. They donkeys were 9th.

    So do I believe we will be better than you guys FACT

    Will we sweep the donkeys this year FACT

    Will the donkeys wind up in the basement where rats belong FACT

    DMAC/MBUSH/FARGAS = Best running backfield in the NFL FACT

    DMAC far superior than any back on your roster FACT

    Fargas better than any back on your team FAC

    MBUSH better than any baqck on your team FACT

    Will we lead the league in rushing FACT

    Will we win more than the donkeys…..Of Course

  19. Next

  20. hater, I like how you said i like our chances shows how much “non-confidence” you have in your backfield. We sport 2 bonafied first round draft picks in DMAC/BUSH and you know it. MBUSH was and is at 100% and could have played last year but we sat him. Fargas is cream, whats scary is that they both can catch the ball out of the backfield.

    hater if you are into college football I suggest you watch USC offense misdirection ZBS multiple backs passes to backs wheel routes etc Will be tough for you guys to defend now how do handle it if these guys are on the filed at the same time looking forward to us hanging at least 30 points a game on you and e ekuban….

    Its going to be fireworks galor we put 30 on you last year but this year man cant wait…. If you are so confident lets put a wager on the game mister blogger its my site and my opinion do the math guy……

  21. Check please

  22. Thec how the @#$% do u know dmac mbush are far superior than any back we have when they have played a combined zero games in the nfl.
    Really are u that stupid and the raiders are not gone be better than the ravens this year either u punk ass raider fan. U still aren’t the worst fans everybody know that steelers and eagles fans are the worst.

  23. And thec about we make a wager on the raiders ravens game this year.

  24. Thug, All my comments were for the donkeys not the ravens…..
    Go back and re-read, it may make sense to you……

    As far as a wager sure what do you have in mind?

  25. Thug,

    of course this is not a raven=ratbird site but I wanted to humor you:

    Yor backfiled consist of these guys:

    Daniels, P.J. non-factor

    Patrick, Allen 7th round pick Could be a sleeper

    McGahee, Willis adequate Back 4.1 ypc 80.6 ypg

    Rice, Ray Nice rookie a good addition

    Ross, Cory non-factor at this point but has lots of potential based on his performance against the steelers

    So in my humble opinion even considering DMAC/MBUSH have zero carries in the NFL I will contend that our backfield of DMAC/MBUSH/FARGAS is far superior than your backfield.

    At this point I would like to put several wagers on the table for you…..

    1. We will beat the ratbirds.
    2. We will have a much better offense than the ratbirds.
    3. Our superior RB’s will have more total yards on the ground.
    4. Our RB’s will have more recieving yardage.

    pick your poison…….

  26. hardcore49 Says:

    I’m sorry thec but i can’t sit by anymore and watch this debacle. So the Raiders are going to run a 4-back system with Fargas, Bush, Jordan and McFadden? You are saying Bush is so good, Fargas is so good and paid Jordan way too much; then why waste a 1st round pick on Mcfadden?

    Not to insinuate that you guys need help elsewhere, but then again you don’t end up with the 4th or 5th pick because you are tearing up the NFL. Mcfadden should be a horrible pick in your eyes because your other “proven” running backs (again in your eyes) don’t need help.

    Glad NOT to be a raiders fan,

  27. Based on what thec u have to be on the stupidest people in the world. What the hell makes u think that the raiders backfield is far superior to ours. I bet u that we’ll finish higher in rushing this year than u guys. How the @#$% do u think that your rb’s will have more recieving yardage than ours is it because of josh mclown or jarmarcus im gon be a huge bust russell. And my wager is if we beat u guys in week 8 u have come and type a blog about how great the ravens are. And I’ll do the same if the chokeland faiders win.

  28. I agree with hardcore49 completely. Mcfadden does not help you in the long run and justin fargs thec had 1 good year. andd mbush u don’t know how good he is gone to be because he hasn’t even carried the ball yet. U guys should have taken glen dorsey he would of help your suspect run defense last year. The raiders record for 08 my prediction 5 and 11. So brace yourself for another bad season thec.

  29. Thuglife- again, lets discuss without the cuss. I don’t care if you censor, we are looking for mature conversation.

    Thec- You were awful proud of that last post huh? “Next”. Speaking of next, wasn’t Lamont Jordan next? How about Fargas? When Bush got healthy he was the next great Raider back, right? Oh, but you’re positive about McFadden. Just because you type fact doesn’t make it so. Let’s break down your facts.

    You will sweep the Broncos- done it once in fifteen years.

    Broncos will be in last place- what even a Raiders fan doesn’t think we’re better than the Chiefs? Come on. By the way, the Broncos have finsihed in last place three times in the last 25 years. The Raiders, 3 out of the last 5 and the other two seasons they were 4-12 and lucky somebody else was worse.

    McFadden/Bush and Fargas= best backfield in NFL. This would be funny if not so sad. Their combined rushing yards last year were 1,009 all Fargas.
    Other notables:
    1,970 for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew
    2185 for Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor
    1219 for Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris
    The Broncos= 1015 Selvin Young and Michael Pittman
    You’re right we got rid of our starter, Travis Henry. Selvin Young averaged 5.2. Justin Fargas averaged just 4.5. As a backup, Young gained only 300 less yards than Fargas over the course of the year.

    Michael Bush has never carried the ball in the NFL. In college, he was a legitimate back. He rushed for 128 yards in his senior year. Yep, 128. 2508 total yards in four years of college, again the only measuring stick we have of the guy. Selvin Young had 3,060 total yards at Texas. Ryan Torain, our third string guy, ran for over 1200 yards two years ago at Arizona State which makes him comparable to anything Bush has ever done.

    You’ve never lead the league in rushing, but yeah this will be the year.

    I am familiar with the USC style of play and am also very aware of the fact that JaMarcus Russell did not play in that system. Neither did Darren McFadden or any of your wide-outs.

  30. It should also be noted thec that you finished 6th in rushing because you were 31st in passing. We were in 9th in rushing (raiders had 8 yards a game more than denver) We finished 13th in passing (we had 70 more passing yards per game than oakland). We also scored nearly a touchdown more than you per game. You tried to find the only argument you could make to convince yourself you are better than denver and that was still a weak one.


  31. Hardcore,

    If you are going to comment on the Raiders you should read a little bit more about them. before you post. Jordan will be cut at any moment, actually he has been told “NOT” to report to camp.

    Hard if i may i am going to assume you are a niner fan, if that is correct your team in my opinion is an even bigger debacle than the raiders ever will be. With the QB fighting with the HC interesting……

    Can alex smith continue to develop with out his mentor norv turner, hey maybe you guys should swap with the chargers both qb’s are really nothing more than good backups….

    But hardcore maybe you can enlighten me on how you guys have “improved” your team this year.

    I too am glad you are not a Raider fan.

    I will go out on a limb and say that we will put wayyyy more points on the board than the niners will no doubt.


    I sense a little hostility form you. I apologized for roasting you with my profane laced tirade allready. you can keep using the stupidest person in the world insults………quite entertaining every time i read it i laugh with you and at the same time at you.

    Again if you are going to comment on the Raiders you need to read and keep up, Mccown is no longer on the Raiders. Your assumption on Russell is just that a hope of an assumption, in other words you hope he is a bust. Let me see who is the ratbirds starting QB?

    I almost forgot the ratbirds are allwas an offensive juggernaut that cant be stopped. you guys allways hang 30-40 points a game on teams……………..Not…..Who is going to be the ratbirds staring QB troy smith? ROFLMAO

    ratbirds ranked 16th last year in rushing……….

    Raiders run game > ratbirds

    You guys were 5-11 I dont see much improvement on your team so if you want to wager you got it.

    What about the other wagers big guy most points scored, most yrds by running back etc etc etc

    Fact: will will have a much better offense than the ratbirds. money on it.

  32. Hater, I dont have to convince myself or anyone that we are better, that was proved on the field lat year when we hung what 34 points on you guys, with josh mcclown as the starting QB. We also won the game in your house also last second time out, you guys begged for that one but hey, I know we are getting better and will continue to do so. Saying that a back has zero carries holds no water or weight with me. Fact of the matter is we have 2 bonifed number 1 draft picks at running back, the donkeys have how many?

    You are definetly a true media guy you spoke about bush as if he played full seasons. He had 128 yards in the first half, broke his leg before the half was over. By reports he is doing excellent an upgrade over fargas. DMAC is an all purpose ultlility tool we can put him anywhere not just at running back. All reports on him is that he is really excelling, unlike most skilled postions running back is the one that is the most easy to grasp from the reports i have read from mini’s he is ripping it up. so your argument about system for DMAC holds zeero weight and is pretty weak…..

    what i also notice is you did not put DMACS stats in that last post why was that? Hummmmmm is it that DMAC will outshine all the rb’s in your stable, or would it be counter productive to your argument?

    the last time we played you guys we smashed you, what was it 34-20 look for a repeat of that with our new tools that we whip out. Since you talk big what is the wager

    back to you jeff

  33. also hater if you read my other post i did mention that you guys were 9th in rushing…. not that you will be in the top 10 this year…. how is henry working out oh i guess he in lamont jordan are in the same boat……………… we upgrade with DMAC, were did you guys improve on offense, I like you he is a decent back but compare his college stats to DMACS


  34. Ok thec U talk about not being a offensive juggernaut. What excatly have the raiders the last five years they have been in the bottom of the league in offense. And im gone try to tell u this again dmac is not going to be the answer. And whhat are u talking about u take any shots at me u said that to go back to my playstation and u called me 2pac wannabe. And hater its hard to have mature consveration with thec because he doen’st know what he is talking about. Everybody except u thec knows the raiders suck u aint sweeping the broncos this year they have a better team and they will beat u on opening day. And thec im gone tell u this again don’t run your mouth until the raiders can back it up for u on the field. Atleast i admit that the ravens suck and will suck this year.

  35. U got me on mcown i didn’t know that but thec the raiders have done just ass well with qbs as the ravens had. And your right i don’t that russell will be a bust. but i do not think that dmac will be as huge help like u think he will.

  36. Hater your previous post,

    The Broncos= 1015 Selvin Young and Michael Pittman

    Ummmm was pittman with the donkeys last year? Oh you ar ecounting what pittman did, questionable but okay…..


    What you failed to metion was he was a backup as a freshmen and played 1 game as a senior so technically his stats are for only 3 years not 4.

    1 game in 2006
    17 carries 128 yards 3 touchdowns Longest run 51 yards 7.5 ypc

    Recieving totals 50 651 13.0 2

    Rushing totals 36 435 2508 39 81 5.8

    return totals

    3 yr total yards for MBUSH 3247.

    Selvin young did what in 4 years????? So you still want to stand on the stats argument, Like i said before you are a “true” mediot you present a very slanted case based on stats, I like how you left out MBUSH recieving yards. I left out some of MBUSH stats too like the yards he gained while throwing the ball… that would push his total up even higher.

    So come correct next time with the stats coming halfway or leaving out info not up to par for a blogger IMHO


  37. Thuglife,

    did you watch any Raider games last year? If you did you would know that we were leading most of those games into the 4th qtr. we only got blown out a couple of those games last year. we improved a lot over last year and will continue to do so this year. We outplayed denver last year in both of those games, you notice how hater doent bring up or address the fact that we beat them last year soundly 34-20 a spanking by the Raiders.
    Unlike the game where we beat them and they won on a missed field goal by jano.

    We have address the Raiders offense ad naseaum, I have not seen any info on how denver has gotten better. On offense they have zero recievers. Is brandon in camp yet? Who is cutler going to thown to? how is ekuban……. what makes any of you guys think that you will beat the Raiders this year. you didnt do it last year how is going to happen this year…..

    Hater, give me something, how have you guys improved that you wont get beat by a Raider team this year…..

  38. Can a brother post?

  39. Thuglife let me make it as simple as i can for you, we run a ZBS system in that a sub par back like fargas ran for 1000+ yards in our first year.
    We have an improved faster back in DMAC that can take it to the house at any moment. He now runs in a ZBS and by mini camp reports in doing exceptionally well. Based on that DMAC should do well in this system.

    We were ranked 6th in rushing, with DMAC, and MBUSH we should be ranked higher.

  40. Hater, Sorry but your last argument using selvin young went



  41. Hater, Lets try something new….. like how has denver improved from last year? can we talk about that? How does that offense look, with recievers walker, and marshall…..Oh i am sorry walker is gone, and marshall is slipping on mac donalds wrappers so who are you going to throw to. Walker torched the Raiders last year but he is no ….longer….with…..your………team……

    So again I ask where is the improvent that suggest that you guys have improved enough to beat the Raiders?

    Also tell me that you guys are going to beat us this year wager something anything a blog entry i will put up anything cause i know we are better than denver you know it to.

    Come with another stat argument give me something……

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program allready in progress….


  42. “I like our chances” ROFLMAO that was funny still laughing at that one jeff….

  43. Thec its funny that u think it was cheap that mike s call that timeout in the last seconds when lane kiffin did the same thing against the browns the next week. Here is how i see it in the afc west. I think the chargers win the divison. i like the broncos to finish second. I think the chiefs will be much improve and finish third. And i like the faiders to finish last. Oh yeah thec u probably some 40 year old loser who’s wife left him and took the kids with her.

  44. Thec, I’m not sure that I like that this site has become me vs you. No other vocal raiders fans? I didn’t count McFadden’s stats because they were irrelevant to my argument. I think you break it down by depth chart. I also think your opinion that 0 carries in the nfl isn’t relevant ludicrous. Have you any idea how many sure thing #1 backs were busts. You’re right, running back transitions easier than any position (other than kicker) but that doesn’t equal lock. Ask Cedric Benson, DeAngelo Williams, Lawerence Phillips, Ron Dayne and Ricky Williams. I didn’t bother counting Bush’s receiving yards because frankly I think he is far more irrelevant than you do. He’s the third back on the chart and that matches him up with Torain who is very comparable. You have heard such good things about him. Everybody looks good in shorts against the third team defense. Read any homer report or blog and they’ll tell you their team looks good.
    How has Denver improved? We got rid of Javon Walker, Ian Gold and Travis Henry. We don’t need raider types on our team. We added DeWayne Robertson a legitimate DT for the first time in several years. Jarvis Moss and Marcus Thomas will presumably be healthy. Knock on wood. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have another year under their belts. We added Darrell Jackson, not as talented as Javon Walker but maybe he can stay on the field. Marlon McCree is an upgrade at free safety. It’s not hard to see the improvements. Eddie Royal also projects to certainly be an upgrade in a terrible return game. Look at the teams.
    Coach- Lane Kiffin vs. Mike Shanahan= Broncos
    DE- Derrick Burgess and Tommy Kelly vs. Elvis Dumervil and Jarvis Moss= old and overpaid vs. young up and comers, Dumervil who is already proven but= toss up
    DT-Gerard Warren and Terdell Sands vs. Dewayne Robertson and Marcus Thomas= Warren is washed up, Robertson is a former pro bowler so Broncos
    OLB- Thomas Howard and Sam Williams vs. Boss Bailey and DJ Williams= Broncos
    ILB- Edge Hartwell or Kirk Morrison vs. Niko Koustivades- One pro bowl in this group=Broncos
    CB- DeAngelo Hall, Nnamdi Asomugha and Stanford Routt vs. Champ Bailey, Dre Bly and Domonique Foxworth= I covered this in my DeAngelo Hall blog but I think he is hugely overrated and they actually downgraded by gaining him and losing Fabian Washington. I think Nnamdi Asomugha is the second best corner in the NFL but Champ Bailey is still number one. so Broncos
    Safety- Michael Huff and Gibril Wilson vs. John Lynch and Marlon McCree= Actually like the Raiders here. Two good young safeties. One thing the Raiders have done well in the past several years is form a secondary.
    OL-Not gonna list all the players but all you have to do is look at the history and the flop of Robert Gallery=Broncos
    TE- Zach Miller vs. Tony Scheffler- 2 good young Tight Ends but give it to Denver because Daniel Graham is a former Pro Bowler as our back up.
    Wide Receiver- Javon Walker, Ronald Curry and no legit number 3 vs. Brandon Marshall, Darrell Jackson and Brandon Stokely- Come on, your number one couldn’t earn our number one spot while in camp last year=Broncos
    Running Back- covered and I say toss up.
    QB- Russell vs. Cutler- Now, tomorrow and forever Jay Cutler and the Broncos

    Yeah, I like our chances. Your team is weak and you are a typically delusional Raiders Fan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. That’s why we’re fanatics. As far as a wager. I won’t bet money because I don’t know you. As far as a post, what do I have to gain there? I get to post either way. I’m not gonna make it that you can’t post because you’re good for the site. Come up with something good for the first game and you’re on.

  45. All that rhetoric and you still cant answer how we hung 34 on you last year. You talk about homer this blog is home, you said nothing about the fact you got your head handed to you in both those games last year. Your last post is filled with opinions but its “your” blog.

    Its funny how you conveniently left stats off MBUSH, but you gave Selvin young his “total yards”. So since you truly believe in your mind you have upgraded what is the wager?

    I totally disagree with you on MBUSH being irrelevant, He and DMAC will be on the field at the same time….NICE. But you say his stats were irrelevant yet you list the stats and list them incorrectly or undercut them for your opinionated argument…

    You really believe your backs are better?????? Smoke on.
    You call me delusional your post this long winded post that says yeah I wont address the issues and I an truly am a HOMER for the donkeys.

    the 34-20 smashing was that a figment of mine or your imagination?

    Was that a delusion that we hung 34 on you with mcclown?

    Our team is weak??? HUH what is that? Stooping to name calling to me means you have zero valid points, delusional LOL

    You tried to come at me with stats but you “misstyped” then tried to cover up. Typical mediot.

    I will give you this Gallery did not work out at LT, but he will become a pro bowler G so you can remove the bust label as he still starts in the league.

    Reason why you did not add DMAC stats to your argument because with them you have no argument…..

    You are right I am good for this blog keep you and your conjecture in check.

    Your team to team comparison is very weak sorry not holding any weight

    Fact last game Oakland 34 denver 20……..

    You have proven nothing to me

  46. Thug, That last post was funny ROFLMAO……. This blog is turning into the THEC blog nice……

  47. To shred your argument i polled the last 10 first round RB’ picks.
    My information is from most recent rb’s out of the 10 running backs that were drafted in the first round Listed are their first round stats.
    Not bad for rookies in the league……


    Adrian Peterson 1,300+ yrds
    Marshawn Lynch 1,115+ yrds


    Josseph Addai 1,000+ yrds
    Jones Drew 941 yrds
    Lawrence Maroney 745 yrds
    Reggie Bush 555 yrds


    Ronnie Brown 907 yrds
    Cadillac Williams 1,178 yrds


    Kevin Jones 1,133 yrds
    Steven Jackson 673 yrds

    Your hope and wish is that DMAC is a bust….

    This blows your bust factor argument on DMAC. ODDS are in his favor so to quote a not so famous person ” i like our chances”. lol bust


    Check please

  48. DMAC signs no hold out tic….. tic…… tic …..tic……..BOOM

  49. hardcore49 Says:

    how has San Fran improved? Let’s see we brought in a offensive guru in Mark Martz. We signed Bryant Johnson, Isaac Bruce. Drafted needs on the O-line and D-line. Smith saw improvement with a good OC in Turner. His confidence looks to be back with Martz in full control. Smith has only started 32 career games (2 full seasons) and is still the youngest starting QB in the NFL. I’m not saying he is Elway, Favre or Montana. But he could be solid with the right leadership and obviously he is still young and can be groomed. Somethings take time Thec, you don’t always get results over night.

    Unlike the Raiders the Niners have patience and have not fired Nolan yet (if he were employed by the Raiders he would have been gone like every other coach). It will take time to rebuild the dominance and consistency the SF organization has had in the past. Al Davis has no patience. Look what he did and how he has treated Art Shell (a loyal black hole) and countless other coaches.

  50. Hardcore, Martz is a good pickup…… Issac Bruce is questionable from a speed, and age standpoint. To be honest that is one of the things that i hope we do is keep kiffin to gain some continuity. If Martz is in control you guys should be okay he should be able to groom Smith….

  51. so I list about ten ways our team improved, in my opinion, but I didn’t address the issue of how we improved?
    you beat us last year once. Although you’ve somehow convinced yourself it was a sweep. Newsflash! We weren’t that good. What makes me a smart fan and you a delusional black hole is that beating a subpar team in a meaningless game would mean nothing to me 6 months later. You went 4-12 last year, who the hell cares that you beat the Broncos? Beating us doesn’t mean you don’t suck. We weren’t good last year. That was the worst broncos team in a decade. You even listed everything bad about our team. And we still won 3 more games than you. Now who’s rofl?

  52. Jeff thank you once again for making my arguments for me. Also thanks for calling me delusional, but i have called you out for being a true mediot.

    Your list of 10 things is your opinion so its not true improvement just a figment of your imagination.

    That game means nothing to you because you lost, also it is the most recent barometer we have to measure the two teams. The change in your personnel and make up has changed so drastically i do believe you guys have not hit bottom but will.

    Of course beating you guys doesn’t mean we weren’t a bad team, but it does say a lot about where you guys are headed.

    Beating you guys was a milestone so yes it was important only 6 mos ago as you stated, but its okay or you to quote history like the rb’s that were a bust. Oh jeff did you address that issue? DMAC signed yesterday no hold out so hold on to your seats gonna get fun…

    Thanks for calling me delusional coz if you believe the 10 opinions you posted then you are the one who is………

    But keep falling back on that jeff, the delusional raider fan face it though you have been smoked on your own blog by Thec a tru fan of the NATION…

  53. Jeff, If you want i will take over this blog for you……….
    Let me know what up homie, since i run it anyway



  54. Thec,
    I have had several readerrs e-mail me and let me know that I am spending too much time talking to you. Therefore, from here on I will only be posting new material and will not be responding to the comments unless necessary. Another reason for this is that I do not have nearly as much time to spend on this blog as you seem to. It should be noted that although you post on here far more than others, you hardly run it, since I could delete all of your comments and ban you from the blog if I chose to. I don’t. You are delusional as is proven by the fact that you believe your arguments are so strong and that you are winning this argument. 180 people visited my site yesterday, several have called you out as an idiot, no Raider fan has jumped to your defense.

  55. Jeff, you don’t have to respond to anything I post. I do not care if other raider fans support my opinions or not. It has been fun it seems like I touched a nerve or is that just my being delusional? Calling me delusional seems to be away out for you. Your argument was totally dismantled and you result to raising the white flag……

  56. Why the block?

  57. Well thec he stop because there is no point in arguing with a person as stupid as you.

  58. Hello “thug” , How are you today? Hope your day is going well…..
    Name calling nice touch, might as well said stupid and delusional then you could have hit all my points, very nice touch keep up the good work “thug”.

  59. Well i can’t call u what i really want. Becaue there is no cussing allowed on this site. And stupid and delusional is better than anything u got.

  60. Its a what u done for me lately league .

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